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The Quinta is integrated within the nature reserve area of São Lourenço valley, providing the perfect setting to relax and renew your energy in harmony with nature.


Experience a Classical Hatha Yoga class with our certified resident Yoga teacher or take part in a personal development, health and wellness retreat.


We practice Ásana (physical exercises) - both Yin and Yang – along with Pranayama (breath control), Meditation (extended concentration) and Yoganidra (deep relaxation).


Practitioners are welcome from all corners of the world and teachers invited to curate the environment as needed to best suit the group´s needs.


Children will also love to try a kids yoga class, while adults unwind and tune into the surrounding soundscape of countryside meets ocean living.


All our rooms have access to the Rooftop, with a total indoor area of 150 sq m that comfortably holds up to 30 people. There is an extended open air practice area and other outdoors spaces include the gardens and shaded spots around the pool.


Here you can practice yoga, enjoy an epic sunset or simply contemplate the stars.

Contact Quinta do Raposeiros for more info about retreats.