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Outdoor & leisure

Quinta dos Raposeiros

Once in Quinta dos Raposeiros, you have new views to discover, many spaces to explore and interesting stories to tell afterwards.


The spaces for leisure and activities are well distributed throughout the Quinta so that you always feel integrated with the characteristic tranquility of the countryside. We have developed a thoughtful and functional space with a fun range of activities that will make your stay unforgettable.


Enjoy walks and picnics among the pine tree woodlands, relax in the hammock or simply take a dip in the pool to cool off.

We are in the countryside, so don't be surprised if you find birds, eagles, ants, geckos, rabbits, hares, snakes (don't be afraid because they are not poisonous) and partridges outside, because even they like the Quinta.


Organic farming

​Enjoy the day, take a walk and discover our organic fruit orchards, feel free to pick and eat.

The football field

Organize a football game with your kids or friends and exercise.

No animator: children are under the responsibility of their parents. ​


Skateboarding: half-pipe

About 50m from the Premium Double Rooms there is a half-pipe for skateboarding which is also available to our guests and should only be used with due precautions. ​


The basketball

The equipment is located near the reception. Have a good time! ​ ​


Books and board games

Books and board games/puzzles available at Sala do Telheiro. ​


Treasure hunt

Explore the Quinta on a treasure hunt. Talk to reception to receive the Pirate's Letter and make your own tracks with our help...your kids will love it.


Outdoor yoga

Whether indoors or outdoors, more and more people are surrendering to yoga. Try a Class at Quinta dos Raposeiros and feel good! ​


Trampoline and swings

You can relax during or stay and also have fun...jump a lot, enjoy and have a good laugh.

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