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The stronger the root, the healther is the growth process.

The Quinta dos Raposeiros project began to take shape in the 1990s with the planting of the first orchards and pine trees. In total, around six thousand trees have been planted.


Slowly and progressively, it grew firm roots and transformed itself from a family house into what today is a local guesthouse, integrated in a 11 ha. protected rural area that is yours to discover.


Quinta dos Raposeiros is your home for however long you are staying.


Our front office is open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday.

Please be patient if you can not find us immediately, since the property is big and we may be at the time with other guests or preparing something for your stay.


For any questions outside business hours, you may contact us:

Tel. (+351) 967 536 267, messaging or using Whatsapp at any time.


In case of the need for maintenance or any kind of repair in your room, Quinta Raposeiros reserves the right to intervene with prior notice except in case of emergency.


Check-In/ arrival from 3pm

For check-in after 5pm, please contact and organise with the front office by telephone.

The key card or gate control delivered at check-in, corresponding to your accommodation, is of your total responsibility.

In case of loss or damage, the card has a cost of 5€ and the gate remote control shall cost 50€.


Check-out/ departure until 12am;

Late check out is available until 2pm, upon confirmation of availability and with no additional cost.

If carried out until 8pm, a fee is charged:

May to October - 50,00€

November to April - 20,00€

When checking out and if for any reason you need for us to keep your bags before traveling, we have a storage place where you can safely keep them.


Breakfast from 9 to 10 am

A breakfast basket is delivered in the comfort of your accommodation, at an appointed time between 9-10am.


It costs 10€/ person per day and consists of:


  • Orange juice jar, fresh coffee, a milk bottle (plant base option)

  • 1 greek yogurt

  • Two bread types: whole wheat bum and rye bum

  • Puffed croissant and small jar of homemade fruit jam

  • 2 slices of flamengo cheese, 2 pork ham slices

  • Fruit bowl and side granola (with option of honey)

  • Scrambled eggs

  • Butter


If you wish to order breakfast for children, this has a 5€ additional cost and consists of:

1 loaf of wheat bread, 1 croissant, 1 slice of ham, 1 slice of cheese, 1 flavored yogurt, milk, orange juice and kids’ cereals.

When breakfast is not requested with the reservation, it needs to be ordered at front office so as to confirm the time of delivery and the number of people. You can call or message our Whatsapp until 6pm of the previous day.

If you are intolerant to any food type, please notify us in a timely manner.


Note: we appreciate you returning the basket with all the provided dishes for your breakfast: bottles, bowls, plates and jars.

Please place the basket outside YOUR ACCOMMODATION DOOR UNTIL 12PM.


Daily Maintenance Cleaning

Stays up to 3 nights - on request.

If you would like to take advantage of the room maintenance service, please send us a message (+351) 967 536 267:


  • Monday to Friday - 10am to 3pm;

  • Saturday - 10am to 1pm;

  • Sundays and national holidays - no cleaning service.


Please request our service the day before.

In case you need your towels changed for any reason, place them on the floor or in the bathtub.

Bed linen sheets are changed for 6 day stays or longer.

The general cleaning of dishes is not the responsibility of our team, except for the breakfast dishes that are delivered in a basket.


Laundry Service – 10 am to 2pm

In your room, you will find a laundry box inside the side table/desk drawer and in your apartment, the box is located in the hallway´s dresser lower drawers. This laundry box contains clips, bags to put the clothes you want to wash, paper and a pen.

If you need laundry service, please put your clothes inside a bag and write what temperature you wish us to wash them in on a piece of paper. Deliver the bag to our housekeeping services or leave it outside your accommodation door.

Note: the washing machine takes at least 1 hour to complete its program, so we ask that you pay attention to the 2pm deadline for laundry collecting.


Your clothes will be delivered after being washed and you can put them to dry on the drying-rack that is found in your accommodation. Please let us know if you need a larger drying-rack.

Service Cost: 5€



Air conditioning

At Quinta dos Raposeiros we think about the environment, so none of the accommodations have air conditioning.

We use quality fans instead, which you may request if you can´t find any in your accommodation.



You will find the nearest ATM in Ribamar or Santo Isidoro village.




Nannyon: (+351) 964 806 552

Nanny by the Sea – Silke (WhatsApp) +351 927 516 649



Quinta dos Raposeiros has second-hand bicycles that you may freely use. Mountain biking is a great way to explore a region in a fun and exciting way! Get to know your options by contacting our local partner Ericeira Bike


Central Heating

All our rooms and apartments are equipped with central heating and a towel heating system.


Certified Biological Fruit

The Quinta is EU-certified for the production of oranges, lemons, figs, quinces, persimmon, peaches, pears, apples and honey (depending on the season).

You can visit our biological agriculture side of the property...leave nothing but your footprint!


Coffee and tea

We provide 2 complementary Nespresso capsules with your reservation.

If you need more tea, coffee or capsules for the espresso machine, please make your request at front office.  Each Nespresso capsule a 1€ extra cost.

The pool house also has a Nespresso machine for the apartment´s common use, although with different brand capsules that are still compatible.



Please contact the front office in the eventual case of breaking or damaging any equipment. It will have to be analysed to know the extra cost.


Extra Bed

An extra bed has an additional cost of 15€ per night for children between 3 and 12 years and 25€ per adult/per night.

Note: in all 4 apartments this option is a folding sofa-bed.



First Aid

In your accommodation you have a first aid kit. Please request at front office in case you need anything else.



Gift Voucher

You can buy a gift voucher for yourself or offer it to someone else. Contact us for more information.




Hospital CUF Torres Vedras (30km) - Private

Rua Joao Carlos Júnior 5

2560-253 Torres Vedras

T. (+351) 261 008 000

Open 24h


Centro Hospitalar Oeste - Unidade de Torres Vedras (30km) - Public

Rua Dr. Ricardo Belo

2560-051 Torres Vedras

T. (+351) 261 319 300

Open 24h



Lost and Found

Please contact Front Office/reception staff if you lose or find something.




Request our Front Office staff for more information and to book a spot.


Mobile Massage – Home Massage Service

Here and now: T. (+351) 927 215 805



Payments at Quinta dos Raposeiros

We accept cash, debit and credit card, MB way number 967536267  or bank transfer.



We have free parking next to all accommodations as well as in front of our Front Office.



Pets are not allowed except guide dogs.



The closest pharmacy is found in Ribamar Village:

Farmácia Oceano

Estrada do Albarral 48ª,

2640-002 Santo Isidoro

T. (+351) 261 869 112


Schedule: 9am to 8pm - closed on Sunday


Post Office

You can request this service at Front Office until 2pm.




We can give you many suggestions or you can also explore our website and get the best restaurant tips: Activities – Fun & Gastronomy


Rent a Car


T. (+351) 918 232 969




It is forbidden to smoke in all rooms, apartments and any interior area of the Quinta.

You can smoke on the balcony and exterior spaces, as long as you respect the surrounding green spaces. One distraction can be fatal. Turn out and place cigarette butts, cigarillos or cigars in an appropriate place.



Ericeira Surf School

T. (+351) 917 631 151


Ericeira Stand Up Paddle (SUP)

T. (+351)916 009 498

Reserve your spot at reception.


Tourist Information

For any information, please contact Front Office/Reception or the nearest tourist office:

Posto Turismo Ericeira

Rua Dr. Eduardo Burnay, 46

2655-370 Ericeira

Contact. (+351) 261 863 122

Take Away at Home

Delivery at the Quinta - Ericeira Eats APP

Entregas com Sabor - Sr. Mário Tel. (+351) 917 204 292

Minimium value: 9.50€


Tourist Tax
As tourist tax is applied for all guests over 12 years of age and up to a maximum of 7 nights per person, irrespective of their nationality, place of residence and reservation modality (face-to-face, analog or digital). As a person with a disability, you are except from this specific tax.


Low season (1st November – 30th Abril)                                                1€

High Season (1st May – 31st October)                                                    2€



Taxi d´Aldeia – Sílvia Quirino (24 hours)

 T. (+351) 965 446 644


Táxi Barata-Ericeira

T. (+351) 919 854 560


Táxi Ericeirense

T. (+351) 939 995 037


Walks & Trails

Take a walk around the property, through the orchards and enjoy tasting our organic fruit.

You can also find extraordinary conditions for bird watching. The most sighted species are eagles, hawks, pigeons, woodpeckers, blackbirds, herons, owls and rooks.

If you like to walk through fields and enjoy the fresh air, you can also go on a valley nature walk through the ecological reserve towards our local São Lourenço beach. Following the valley-beach signs through the wooden gate next to the double rooms, you can go on an adventurous nature walk to the nearest beach: São Lourenço. This route takes you from 20-45 minutes.

Along this valley path towards São Lourenço beach, you will find beach signs that show the way. A reference point to take into account is the viaduct that is visible from our property, which you will have to pass underneath.

Take reference points whenever you change directions to know how to return.



Our tap water is drinkable, so you can consume it without any problem.

The implementation of an electric solar energy system causes a delay when using hot water, as is foreseeable.

Water is unfortunately a scarce and precious environmental resource. We follow an ecological and sustainable philosophy so please check that you turn off the taps when you don’t need them.

The planet will thank you if you save water!



Yoga Classes

You can experience yoga classes in the Rooftop practice room:

Monday and Wednesdays (75mins)

8h30 - 9h45 and 17h - 18h15 respectively.

Price: 15€/person

Mínimum 2 participants upon request


Alternative times and days (75mins)

* According to teacher availability.


50€/private class 1 person

Tel: (+351) 910646602

Wear comfortable clothes and bring an attitude of availability and curiousity towards this process of self-discovery!



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