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Therapeutic massage

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Emilie de la Chapelle

Emilie is from Finland and works with all ages and types of people, with problems ranging from psychological traumas to sports injuries, always taking into consideration personal needs.

Session  60min / 60€

               75mins  / 70€

               90mins / 85€

Telephone: (+351) 964498620

Emilie is convinced that psychological, mental, and physical health are inseparable. Traumas, as well as everyday experiences and feelings, are physically manifested in the body. She sees individuals as holistic beings where the conscious mind, the physical body, feelings and behavior work in symbiosis.


As a therapist, Emilie meets each individual with curiosity, and with a lot of love and precision, finding the best way to unlock and release the body in to a state of deep relaxation.


Emilie uses various techniques such as thai yoga massage, myofascial trigger point release, and acupressure. Depending on your needs she works on the floor, using more twists and lifts or on the table, clothed or with oil. The aim of her treatment is always to engage the body’s natural ability to find balance and healing in the most efficient way possible.


“It was a truly meditative experience, a bittersweet mix of pain and pleasure that left me feeling deeply relaxed yet light.”. Margarida Gonçalves

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